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Making Mobile Media Meaningful in (and Beyond!) Your STEM Classroom

Author: Hall Davidson

Presented by Hall Davidson
Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 7pm ET

For Educators

Make your classroom walls expand! Mobile phones, iPads, and tablets have the ability to create and share learning both in the classroom and in the extended online anywhere/anytime universe. In this webinar, Hall Davidson will show educators how to build interactive projects and assessments that tap and expand student knowledge with apps, QR codes, social media sites, and more. Attendees will learn how free resources, media libraries, and the web can work mobile—even for students without smart phones. You don’t want to miss this webinar!


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Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematicsIntegrationInspiration
Grade Level:  3456789101112

Siemens STEM Academy says:
03-Feb-12 03:04 PM

If you are having trouble finding the archived recording, please click on the right arrow at the bottom of the Classroom Connections box to find the file.

Flor de Maria Duque says:
03-Feb-12 03:01 PM

I am a Spanish Teacher. I would like to learn how to integrate user friendly technology into our classroom. I am also interested in finding out, how I can obtain the resources that are much needed.

Victoria BRadsher says:
03-Feb-12 12:30 PM

I do not see the video. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place. Have you any advice?

Lisa Loewnkamp says:
03-Feb-12 11:49 AM

Although the PDF of the power point is posted, the archived recording is not. I would very much like to watch this webinar again.

Angie says:
03-Feb-12 11:21 AM

I'm still only seeing 2 PDF files in the box in the top right. The arrows aren't showing any other options either.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
03-Feb-12 09:33 AM

The archived recording is now posted in the Classroom Connections box.

Brandon Ray says:
03-Feb-12 09:10 AM

When do you expect to have the video file of the webinar up? I only see two pdf files. Also, where do we access the certificates? Thanks!

Siemens STEM Academy says:
03-Feb-12 08:53 AM

You can download the archived recording of this webinar from the Classroom Connections box to the right.

Abby Kahara says:
03-Feb-12 08:06 AM

Was this webinar recorded? I was registered but something came up and wasn't able to attend.

Karen Kingrea says:
01-Feb-12 05:58 PM

I teach grades 7 & 8 science in Chapel Hill, NC. We are currently exploring the use of tablets in our classrooms. Need ideas for use in classroom.

Jan Rozich says:
01-Feb-12 09:32 AM

Has anyone tried to download resources? I am being rejected - also email to Katie is being returned. Can anyone help? Thank you.

Jenn Roberge says:
01-Feb-12 12:05 AM

This sounded pretty cool. I am always on the hunt for new ideas or opportnities to refresh older topics.

Karen says:
31-Jan-12 09:28 AM

I am highly interested in expanding the integration of technology into student learning.

Rebecca Shine says:
30-Jan-12 11:01 PM

Looking forward to Wednesday evening. Now what should I make a video of .....decisions ...decisions...See you Wednesday evening.

uma Anne says:
30-Jan-12 03:02 PM

Looking forward to participating

Ronnie Pitogo says:
30-Jan-12 01:45 PM

Do we get certificate after the training? Thank you...

Peggy Duck says:
30-Jan-12 01:04 PM

Looking forward to participating

Mariann Brown says:
30-Jan-12 12:10 PM

Is there anyway to watch this (after) if you are not available at the time it is happening?

Jennifer says:
26-Jan-12 06:15 AM

I was registered for the original event and tried to reregister as directed. The registration page came up with an error that stated I was already registered...

Martha Bowden says:
25-Jan-12 05:53 PM

Please register me for the webinar.

Nancy Porter says:
25-Jan-12 03:05 PM

Can't wait to see what Hall will pull out next!

Bramha Sahu says:
25-Jan-12 02:35 PM

Being a high school science teacher i want to know how my students will use their mobile in my classroom.

Edward Bender says:
25-Jan-12 02:08 PM

Would love to talk to someone regarding professional development and partnerships. I am trying to locate and link groups like yours to our professional and volunteer development efforts. Edward Bender 4-H Science Professional Development and Partnerships National 4-H Council 7100 Connecticut Avenue Chevy Chase, MD

Bonnie says:
25-Jan-12 05:07 AM

Can not wait

V. Miller says:
24-Jan-12 09:03 PM

I'm a secondary science teacher that has been using a computer and projector system until I recently bought an iPad. I'm hoping to integrate the two systems so I access both media platforms efficiently. I teach Grade 10 general science and Grade 11 Environmental Science. I like to use these to incorporate current material into the course.

Linda says:
24-Jan-12 03:08 PM

Just received a set of Ipads for the Middle School Science classroom. Have never even turned one on. Can't wait to see how to use them. I'm sure kids know more than me! I'm hoping to get up to speed.

Peg Hartwig says:
24-Jan-12 02:40 PM

I cant wait to see what new innovative ideas Hall will share! I am a STEM Math teacher incorporating 21st C learning and have enjoyed Hall's past presentations!!

Sue Garcia says:
24-Jan-12 02:38 PM

As teachers, our job requires that we develop students that will be able to participate and contribute to the 21st century society and workforce. New technology is continually being developed, requiring teachers to need additional training. Here is a perfect opportunity to receive the training we need. Thanks Seimens!

Christine Logan-Hollis says:
18-Jan-12 06:52 PM

Jr. High Science teacher always looking for ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. We are looking at purchasing tablets so that all 3 science teachers have at least a classroom set to use! Can't wait for this one!

Marla Williams says:
12-Jan-12 09:31 AM

I am a Special Education Teacher. I teach Cognitive Impaired Students whose academic ability range is k-3rd grade. I would like to learn how to integrate user friendly technology into our classroom. I am also interested in finding out, how I can obtain the resources that are much needed.

Bonnie Taylor says:
11-Jan-12 05:13 PM

Web Design teacher looking for ways to incorporate new technology elements into course

Sandy Morris says:
11-Jan-12 01:14 PM

Elementary Gifted and Talented Coach. Looking for ideas for use if iPads with elementary kids in science, math, and engineering. Beginning a STEM program, starting with implementation in Kindergarten next year.

Karen Kohfeldt says:
10-Jan-12 12:49 PM

I have SXI population (Severe Multiply Impaired)and would love to find out any types of adaptations and instructional ideas I can use with my students. Also with use of our IPAD in the classroom.

Toni says:
09-Jan-12 09:45 PM

I'm looking forward to trying this on my new Kindle Fire. Any suggeations on using this format?

Walters Cheso says:
08-Jan-12 07:12 AM

I am a 8th grade science teacher and my school district will make mobile technology available to more schools (maybe mine). I'm looking forward to this as well.

Arlene Besecker says:
06-Jan-12 08:19 AM

4th grade science teacher from PA

Lois Grasso says:
06-Jan-12 06:48 AM

I am a middle school computer teacher who loves incorporating new instructional technologies in the classroom and assisting other teachers to use them as well. Our District is looking into expanding the use of mobile technologies so this presentation could not come at a better time. Looking forward to it.

Robert Pinsker says:
05-Jan-12 04:26 PM

teacher NH

Rhode Fernandez says:
05-Jan-12 02:23 PM

I teach 3rd to 12th grades, students who are blind or with low vision. I would like to learn to make apps to adapt science curriculum content.

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