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Making A Difference Through Conservation

Author: Dave Salmoni

Presented by Animal Planet’s Dave Salmoni
Wednesday,  October 19, 2011, 1:30pm ET
For Classrooms (Focus on grades K-5)

Dave Salmoni, Animal Planet's apex predator expert and host of a number of Animal Planet and Discovery Channel programs including Into the Pride and Into the Lions Den, will teach students about the relationship between animals, humans and the environment and how with their help in protecting the environment, we can ensure the well-being of our earth's creatures. Students will also learn more about the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, a premier national sustainability challenge that empowers students in grades K-12 to develop and share environmental solutions that can help change the world. Students will feel inspired to make a difference.

To learn more about Dave Salmoni, click here.

The webinar will be about an hour in length.

DOWNLOAD THE RECORDING AND LESSON PLAN: Download the archived recording and lesson plan from the Classroom Connections box to the right. If you do not see the file right away, click the right or left arrows at the bottom of the box. Please note you must be registered for Siemens STEM Academy in order to download the file.

Subjects:  Science
Grade Level:  3456789101112

Julie says:
25-Oct-11 11:22 AM

I was able to download the video, but I cannot click on any of the links within the video, nor can I click on the play button for the first video that is embedded. Any way you can provide it in a different format?

Lorraine Lyon says:
24-Oct-11 01:48 PM

Cannot get the download to work so we missed it. Also when trying to view today it will not load. can you help here? Thank you much appreciated

Michelle Coll says:
20-Oct-11 12:10 PM

We attended yesterday. It was wonderful! I can't find the link for the Archive though. I would like to show it to another class. Can you please post the link?

Katie O'Hare says:
19-Oct-11 11:52 AM

TO CONNECT TO THE WEBINAR: Click on the Register button above. At that link you will find a Join Now button that will become clickable close to the webinar. (You will need to register at that link if you have not done so already.) The program should set up automatically on your desktop.

Annabel says:
19-Oct-11 11:28 AM

I received my registration confirmation and I am trying to download the lesson plan but my email is not being recognized. Please allow for download and access to webnar. Thank you

Carolyn Mulligan says:
19-Oct-11 11:28 AM

I am trying to find out where to access the webinar for today. I have preregistered but never received a confirming email.

Lisa Emmick says:
19-Oct-11 11:23 AM

How do I get the webinar when it starts? I can't find anything that tells me what to do. I didn't get an email. Should I have one?

Robin Klein says:
19-Oct-11 11:02 AM

I cannot find an email confirming my participation either. Please re-send.

Robin Chirillo says:
19-Oct-11 10:31 AM

I'm unable to find on e-mail confirming todays event!!!! Could it be done again? I tried to re-register but it will not let me !!! Could it be sent to me again?!

Cinndy says:
18-Oct-11 07:45 PM

Hi, I registered for this webinar a few days ago. I was expecting an email confirmation, but did not receive one. Are we still OK to participate? Thanks

Cynthia says:
18-Oct-11 01:13 PM

Hi. I signed up for the webinar weeks ago and I can't log on for the lesson plans either. It says my email/user name is invalid. Please assist.

Katie Snow says:
17-Oct-11 10:36 AM

This is my first webinar and want to be sure I have the technology to connect properly. What program or programs will I need to be able to view? Thank you

Karen Beck says:
14-Oct-11 01:53 PM

We cannot participate because our kids are dismissed at 2:10. However, I would like to watch the re-recorded version. Will that be Karen Beck

Siemens STEM Academy says:
13-Oct-11 08:52 AM

If you are having trouble downloading the lesson plan, please make sure that you have registered for (IN ADDITION to registering for this particular webinar). Register by clicking on the link at the top right of this page and email us if you are still having trouble. Thanks!

Kim Moore says:
13-Oct-11 07:34 AM

Cannot download the lesson

sandra oviedo says:
12-Oct-11 09:37 PM

I cannot download the lesson plan. The message says that my e-mail is not valid.

Gina says:
12-Oct-11 11:45 AM

Would someone please contact me via e-mail? I'm trying to download the lesson plans and the site is rejecting my e-mail address. Thanks!

Terry McMahon says:
12-Oct-11 10:43 AM

Do students participate during the conference via email or cell phones?

Lynn McNally says:
11-Oct-11 11:11 AM

This fits with our VA 3rd grade science standards taught in the last quarter of the school year. Will the video be available throughout the school year? Also, we have over 50 elementary schools. Would it be possible to download the video to be distributed in-house on our video-on-demand system?

Mindy H. says:
11-Oct-11 11:04 AM


Kathy W says:
11-Oct-11 08:11 AM

Do we need to register for the event if we are going to watch the recorded version?

Siemens STEM Academy says:
10-Oct-11 11:53 AM

This webinar will be recorded and posted on this page within two days following the live event. Thanks!

Kathy H says:
08-Oct-11 07:32 PM

Students have early out on this day. I am also wondering if a recording will be available.

Curley says:
08-Oct-11 12:27 PM

While there be a recording of the webinar? Because I have 3 classes I would like to share it with but only one of them would be able to see it. Please let me know. This looks really awesome!

Andrea Stewart says:
08-Oct-11 11:00 AM

This looks great! I'm also wondering, however, how long it is expected to run. I would need to schedule classes around it...

alexis says:
07-Oct-11 09:42 AM

I think since is so cool

Mindy says:
06-Oct-11 08:00 PM

Dave Salmoni is actually coming to our school for an Animal Planet assembly the next we are in...what do we need to do to partipate or is it just to watch? Thanks, Mindy

Kelly says:
06-Oct-11 03:07 PM

How long is the webinar? Will students just view the presentation or will they have an opportunity to interact with the speaker?

Siemens STEM Academy says:
04-Oct-11 10:17 AM

@Carol: Yes! This would be a great webinar for second grade students. I would encourage them to join. Thanks!

Cathy Selzer says:
04-Oct-11 09:35 AM

Sounds like a great learning opportunity and I'd love to take part, but my students have an early release on that Wed. I would also like to know if this is available as a "live only" or will it be available on tape for later viewings. Thanks.

Carol Watts says:
04-Oct-11 08:30 AM

I teach second grade...would this be effective for early second graders

Stephanie Stern says:
03-Oct-11 06:30 PM

How long is the webinar?

Siemens STEM Academy says:
03-Oct-11 05:11 PM

@Elaine, the webinar will be most appropriate for a K-5 audience. However, during the webinar, Dave will at some point briefly discuss the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, an environmental sustainability competition for students in grades K-12. Hope that helps!

Elaine says:
03-Oct-11 05:05 PM

Why does it say in the header "Focus on K-5", but below it says grade levels 3-12? Which is it?

Robin Satnick says:
03-Oct-11 02:30 PM

My ecology would love to be hear the webinar. Will be be taped so we can show it at a later date? We live on the west coast and will be out of school when it starts.

Perky Smith-Hagadone says:
03-Oct-11 02:18 PM

I would love to have my students see this webinar, but we get out of school at 1:40 on Wednesdays. Is there anyway for us to participate?

davidle says:
01-Oct-11 03:28 PM


Aminu mukhtar says:
01-Oct-11 08:05 AM

Than you

Nancy Sheridan says:
28-Sep-11 05:04 PM

OMG!!! My sixth-graders have been LOVING Living with Tigers, the 2003 version that I've shown in class, and now I find out that the new version is going to kick off Tiger Week beginning on Nov. 4th! Dave Salmoni is going to have some avid fans, and hopefully some future conservationists, watching these shows. Thanks to Discovery Channel & Dave Salmoni for great educational programming. Sincerly, Nancy Sheridan 6th Grade English Teacher

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