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Educator Webinar with NASA’s Leland Melvin

Author: Leland Melvin

Educator Webinar with NASA’s Leland Melvin
April 24, 2012, 7pm ET

For Educators

Leland Melvin, NASA’s Associate Administrator for Education and former astronaut, will discuss his incredible career as an astronaut flying on two NASA missions, a scientist, his days as a professional NFL athlete, and his current role leading the Agency’s education efforts to develop innovative strategies and partnerships aimed at inspiring K-12 students and beyond to pursue STEM disciplines. You’ll learn about NASA’s activities and programs that provide students with entertaining and educational hands-on experiences. You’ll also learn about the resources and programs available to educators, such as NASA Explorer Schools that encourage educators to participate and compete for opportunities in the Reduced Gravity Program, which includes flying on a Zero G airplane to perform science experiments.

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sergio says:
13-Dec-12 08:08 AM

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Gayla says:
15-May-12 04:07 PM

Help!!! ***Teachers who have participated in this webinar*** Do you think it would benefit second graders? The suggestion is 3rd grade and up. Just wondering if this is something I should share with our teachers. Thanks in advance for your response!

Marianne Roderick says:
15-May-12 03:02 PM

I am looking forward to this presentation.

Russ Calvert says:
29-Apr-12 01:45 PM

It is good to be able to access these webinars for my students because it lets them know of opportunities that are out there.

Yaneth Sierra says:
26-Apr-12 05:36 PM

How can I register? I think this is a great way to involve students at the elementary level in science.

Paula Weaver says:
25-Apr-12 03:37 PM

Hi, Just tried to register - message said no longer available :(....

Kamelia Douhovnikova says:
24-Apr-12 03:28 PM

Thanks for this opportunity to meet with NASA's Leland Melvin.

silvia scotti says:
24-Apr-12 10:48 AM

I cannot thank this program enough. My cadets will enjoy this interview.

Alimamy Kamara says:
24-Apr-12 08:07 AM

Want to attend but do not have in off sum please provides me with sponsorship.

Anita says:
24-Apr-12 06:50 AM

Thank you I will be sharing this to my Grades 4-6 pupils.

nalini munshi says:
23-Apr-12 08:34 PM

I will be in a class for my admin course at the time of live webinar.How can I see the webinar the next day?

denise goodrich says:
23-Apr-12 08:26 PM

I use NASA all of the time, and am also wondering if I can show this to my kids in the classroom?

Sotchie Cornelio says:
23-Apr-12 07:10 PM

I am excited to attend this webinar. Can I record this webinar?

Vinod Kamalam Surendran says:
23-Apr-12 05:25 PM

Cannot wait to attend this webinar!!

Lynn McDaniel says:
23-Apr-12 05:01 PM

Leland Melvin is a class act!!! He really relates to teachers and students. He supports STEM education all the way. It's great to have him in a position of leadership at NASA! I'm looking forward to the seminar....Lynn McDaniel, Stewart Middle School in Tampa. Florida

Judith Gerard says:
23-Apr-12 10:46 AM

As a child I once saw the X-15 on the back of a flat bed tractor trailer, and later in life had the honor of meeting Scott Crutchfield. Now our high school is looking forward to starting up its aerospace engineering class as part of our Project Lead The Way program. Even better, I GET to teach the class! I never would have imagined life would be so good to me, and now I am looking forward to your wonderful webinar tomorrow. Thank you for providing these opportunities for teachers.

Belhy Stephane DADIE DOBE says:
20-Apr-12 01:34 PM

To make a long story short, it's just good to say that, your program you are still submitting is very ambitious,but get some instructive backgrounds. So i'm very satisfy and i also feel such an exiting honor to know that my person has been selected for this matter. thus,i encourage all your prestigious team and hope to get a veey high quility of courses given by all the actors that surround your good institution. Then,hoping that my request will get a favourable reply, i look fowards to meeting you. ALL THE BEST Belhy Staphane DADIE DOBE

Sharmela says:
19-Apr-12 02:42 PM

I'm so excited!

Kevin Swearinger says:
19-Apr-12 02:31 PM

Looking forward to it.

Aisha Bigbee says:
19-Apr-12 12:59 PM

I am excited as well. Mr. Melvin was suppose to speak at our event two weeks ago but had to cancel. I am excited to finally get to hear his story and journey at NASA.

Nancy rowe says:
19-Apr-12 12:06 PM

This is exciting because I teacher a career investigation class. I want to use this for my class so I will try to make a copy, but will you be archieve the event?

Joyce Jones says:
19-Apr-12 11:51 AM

I have a few students who aspire to become astronauts. The information can be integrated into a discussion.

Margaret Hicks says:
19-Apr-12 11:43 AM

I am excited about this webinar, but I have not done one before. Do I log onto the website? Are there instructions somewhere? Is there something else I need to download?

Vickie Pesci-Hall says:
18-Apr-12 10:56 AM

I may also show this to my Advanced Placement Environmental Science High School class.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
17-Apr-12 09:43 AM

Yes, we will put up the archive the following day. However, please note this is a webinar for teachers, not students. :-)

Faye Jewell says:
10-Apr-12 04:51 PM

will I be able to show this to different calsses the next day?

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