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Communicate, Collaborate and Create: Building Dynamic Classroom Projects

Author: Jannita Demian

Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 7pm ET

Presented by Jannita Demian

For Educators

Is “A” really just okay?  Should we really be striving for “C+” students? Join us as we explore key principles of great teaching and on-line tools that will help transform learning in your classroom by allowing your students to communicate, collaborate, and create. Take it a step further by providing them an authentic audience and purpose to change their world by creating project based learning opportunities in your curriculum. Don’t miss this webinar!

Jannita Demian currently serves as the Director of Educator Outreach and Curriculum Integration for Discovery Education’s Corporate Partnerships.  In this role she helps creates and implements programs that impact classrooms across the nation.  She has been with Discovery Education for 6 years serving in a variety of roles including DEN, Account Management, and Professional Development.  Prior her roles at Discovery she was a classroom teacher in Anaheim City School District located in Southern California.

Download the archived recording, pre- and post-webinar resources, and the PDF of the presentation from the Classroom Connections box to the right. Use the right and left arrows to scroll through the files. NOTE: You must register for Siemens STEM Academy (free) in order to download files.

Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematicsIntegrationInspiration
Grade Level:  3456789101112

Susan DeHart says:
02-May-12 07:54 PM

I'm enthused about so much technology out there that we can use to inspire student learning! It'll be fun researching, planning and collaborating.

Carol Hultman says:
29-Jul-11 12:27 PM

Wow - I missed this but thank you for archiving your resources. It was wonderful!

Norman Usher says:
24-Jul-11 08:55 PM

Great webinar. I am planning on viewing the archived recording next week.

Elizabeth Jones says:
24-Jul-11 07:46 AM

Great presentation! It will help frame my thinking about engaging students interactively outside of the physical boundaries of a classroom. The web resources highlighted can greatly enhance student collaboration, communication and learning.

Diane Harris says:
23-Jul-11 10:49 AM

Just finished viewing...WOW!!! Go Jannita! Teach ON! Thank you for sharing.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
22-Jul-11 08:43 AM

@Stan, the recording is an .mp4 file, created in QuickTime. You can download QuickTime for free here:

Stan Harris says:
22-Jul-11 06:30 AM

Windows does not know what program the archived copy was recorded with; can you tell me?

Debbie Sexton says:
21-Jul-11 05:38 PM

I have taken a vacation from email & I missed it. It looked like a really good workshop. I hope you will be having another one soon.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
18-Jul-11 04:07 PM

@Bonnie: Yes! Click on the "Register Here" link above to go to the registration page. We look forward to having you join!

Bonnie Taylor says:
18-Jul-11 03:47 PM

Is this webinar still available? I would like to participate.

Susan Westfall says:
13-Jul-11 05:58 PM

How do I sign up for this webinar?

Santa Herman says:
13-Jul-11 11:06 AM

Sorry cannot attend. I am currently out of town.

Shelley Deutscher says:
13-Jul-11 08:33 AM

I would like to register for this webinar.

Laurie Gardner says:
13-Jul-11 08:30 AM

I would like to register for the webinar but I don't see a registration form. What do I need to do?

Siemens STEM Academy says:
13-Jul-11 08:28 AM

HOW TO REGISTER: You should see a big blue "REGISTER" link on the page above the webinar description. If not, you can also register here:

Barbara Birnbaum says:
13-Jul-11 08:09 AM

I would like to register for this seminar. Thank you.

Trent Robertson says:
13-Jul-11 08:08 AM

In order to Register, I believe you must first log - in. I hope this helps. Thanks.

Annette Psihoules says:
13-Jul-11 07:35 AM

I would like to take part in this webinar, but it doesn't have anywhere to register. (or did I miss something?)

salwa nethagani says:
13-Jul-11 07:29 AM

I would like to take part in the webinar.Please give me a call at 8609898408.

Camille Mortada says:
13-Jul-11 06:03 AM

Im a cinec teacher i wish to participate plz give me a call at 5204610689

Jana Reiland says:
24-Jun-11 02:00 PM

I will be on vacation, but would love to view it at a later date.

Dell Richardson says:
24-Jun-11 10:13 AM

Where do I register? No button!

Anna Marie Croney says:
23-Jun-11 10:50 PM

Looking forward to presentation.

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